We will pay you 50% (fifty percent) of signups and rebills and 10% (ten percent) for webmaster referral. "You will get paid directly from CCBill.

All subscribers are tracked through cookies. The cookie is set when  a potential subscriber is logged through CCBill’s System after leaving an Affiliate's site. The subscriber’s IP address and current timestamp are logged and compared after sign up. If the cookie has not expired, then the original Affiliate site is credited for the sale. We set the cookie expiration date to the CCBILL default (3 days), so any purchases that are made within 3 days are associated with the referring RevSharer, so you don't lose your sales percentage if visitor sent by you leave our sites, came back in the next 2 days and sign up.
Your traffic will be directed to our main webmasters tour (;
For logistic and security reason we use various domain for each site promoted (,,,, this is not a problem for your sales percentage, because the cookies don't expire before 3 days.
The tour is clean, you’ll find only a link to the Italian version for Italian surfer only. This link give you more opportunity to have a best conversion with Italian surfer, even if the Italian version is a personal site and not a clean tour. In my experience I found that, if the surfer is an Italian, Italian version makes  more subscriptions (and rebills) compared to the English clean tour.

Any of the following will result in ALL of your accounts being terminated without pay:
a. SPAM, including but not limited to E-mail, Instant Messages, Chatrooms, Newsgroups, ICQ and IRC.
b. Promote or contain content of: Warez, Passwords, MP3, Bestiality, Rape, Child Pornography or any acts of violence and illegal content. This includes meta tags, text, links, graphic(s) or any HTML.
c. Any violation of 3rd party copyright, trademark and or any other intellectual property infringement.
d. Any misrepresentation of our site, including but not limited to, misrepresenting the cost of membership, terms of membership, or content contained within our site.
e. References generated by spamming (unsolicited emails) in newsgroups or otherwise, fraudulent credit activity, or any other method that would reflect adversely on BRIGIDAWORLD or BOOBSEUROPE.

By joining BRIGIDACASH programs, you represent, warrant and agree that:
a. You are at least 18 years of age and legally empowered in your jurisdiction to enter into contracts.
b. If you are acting on behalf of a corporation or other business entity, the corporation is a valid entity lawfully doing business in its jurisdiction and that you are duly authorized to enter into this agreement on its behalf.
c. You have carefully read and agree to all the terms, conditions and rules set forth in this submission, and to any other policies, rules or conditions which BRIGIDACASH may notify you of from time to time.         For further information please visit CCBILL

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